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E-Dek Plastic Pallets The Plastic Pallet With A Heart Of Steel

E-Dek Plastic Pallets , a company that prides itself in the manufacture of superior pallets, has developed a range of hybrid steel and plastic pallets that have many benefits over the traditional wooden pallets and the more recent plastic pallets. The E-Dek composite steel and plastic pallet is designed to optimise strength, weight and cost. The deck consists of a plastic slat that clips into a high tensile steel frame constructed of an arcuate section rolled specifically to our requirements. This makes the pallets cost effective and strong. The plastic pallet slats are totally non-structural, inexpensive and easy to replace. The safety of the product does not depend on the strength of the plastic at all, but relies on the steel frame.

The E-Dek Plastic Pallets hybrid steel and plastic pallets also have hygienic advantages over the traditional timber or plastic pallets. With the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) requirements becoming mandatory for the entire food industry in both the European Union and many other countries worldwide, certification is becoming essential. It is becoming mandatory for food & pharmaceutical products to be moved on food grade certified pallets. The E-dek pallet has been certified by the Norwegian Packaging Convention for safety in use of Food Packaging Materials (Certificate Reg. No. 1821) to handle all types of food stuff for long time contact. (max 40°C).

This conforms to European Union requirements. Furthermore, for cross border transport ISPM15 legislation requires timber pallets to be specially treated. E-dek products by the nature of materials used are automatically ISPM 15 compliant. Finally, all E-dek products are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 compliant factory certified by TUV Rheinland. (Certificate Reg. No. 01 100 084590)

The E-Dek Plastic Pallets composite steel and plastic pallet range includes:

E-Dek Skid Plastic Pallet
E-Dek Econo Plastic Pallet
E-Dek Full Perimeter Plastic Pallet
E-Dek Collapsible Box
E-Dek Component Plastic Pallet


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